On the Issues…

Take a moment to learn where Kendra stands on the issues that are important to you!

Health Care

Our economy is largely dependent on having a functioning healthcare system. There are many challenges ahead as we seek to build back a system that includes access to physical as well as mental health and substance abuse treatment. None of this can happen without rebuilding the healthcare workforce by focusing on education and training as well as recruitment and retention.

Kendra is committed to working with others in a collaborative way to address needs while facing the very real fiscal challenges that are inherent in doing so.

Economic Growth

Maine businesses and families have faced multiple challenges during the past few years as a result of the pandemic. Finding a balance that enables businesses to be profitable while at the same time ensuring that employees are fairly compensated is a challenge that will need to be addressed. 

Our labor force needs qualified workers with the skills that are being sought by today’s employers. Kendra knows that career and technical education are the key to meet those needs.  We must also invest in a broadband infrastructure to attract new businesses to Maine and to allow more employees to work remotely.


A strong public education system is an equalizer in determining opportunities for all and is vital for a strong society and economy.  Kendra places a high value on education and has a particular interest in supporting the growth of pre-k and career/technical education and ensuring that services to students with special needs are appropriately provided.

Having served on the Sanford School Committee for ten years, she knows that support for teachers and administrators is vital, including funding that comes from local, state, and federal taxpayers. Only recently has funding from the state to municipalities been at the required funding level, which makes a difference in the property tax burden. Kendra is committed to ensuring that the funding remains at the required level. 


Climate change and its effect on our environment can no longer be denied or ignored.  Here in Maine, maintaining and improving our environment is crucial not only for our health but for our economy and the features that make our state attractive to residents and visitors alike. We have a rich tradition of hunting, fishing and outdoor recreational opportunities that need to be maintained. Our marine and inland waters, beautiful forests and mountains are dependent on choices we make now to ensure they’re here for the future. 

Kendra will be a strong supporter of policies and initiatives that address climate change and its impact on Maine.

Human Services

Having begun her career in child welfare, Kendra recognizes that it’s a complex system that requires the interaction of multiple parties to work towards ensuring children are safe from abuse and neglect while ensuring that parental rights are not infringed upon. People who work in this field are dedicated but need to do their jobs within a system that is currently trying to improve. Although improvements are beginning to happen there is much more to be done.

Kendra is passionate about the importance of ensuring that the focus remains and the work continues. This needs to happen without losing sight of other populations and many programs that need attention and oversight, including childcare, services for the disabled and in-home support services among others.

Fiscal Responsibility

Through her experience with businesses, program management, and School Committee, Kendra understands the importance of balanced budgets and the difficult choices that often need to be made to achieve that. Despite challenges presented by the pandemic, Maine has managed to maintain services while also remaining in a strong fiscal position with the Budget Stabilization Fund reaching a record high and  maintenance of  its bond rating. 

Kendra is committed to policies and decisions that will ensure that continues.